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Dozing off in Tripura Assembly ! MLAs lead, but Chief Minister is not far behind
TIWN Feb 27, 2017
Dozing off in Tripura Assembly ! MLAs lead, but Chief Minister is not far behind
PHOTO : A view of Tripura Assembly on Monday. TIWN Pic Feb 27

AGARTALA, Feb 27 (TIWN): CPI-M Govt, ruling over Tripura since long 23 years, went to temporary retirement in the 1st session of the Assembly's 5th day with its maximum propagators sleeping peacefully in the talkative assembly. Matabari constituency MLA Madhab Saha was leading in the slumber-race, whereas Minister Sahid Chowdhury, MLA Niranjan Debbarma were also sunken in deep sleep when a heavy noisy Assembly was going on. Sahid Chowdhury sitting beside the Finance Minister was sleeping, whereas MLA Niranjan Saha just gave up totally and placed his head on the table. CM Manik Sarkar was also not far behind from his cabinet Ministers. Not only these mentioned leaders, but since the very beginning 80 % of the leaders became red eyed out of lethargy. In the second session, the situation was more interesting almost resembled to some students are put in an utter boring class.MLA Madhab Saha was dozing off during the high-pitched debate in the Assembly.

However, recently a criticism has erupted asking why the CPI-M Party is run by all old people ?  Often in Communist gathering at Agartala Town Hall, it's seen that 99 % participants are old, and may be this is the reason behind so much of slumbers in the Assembly.

Since long 23 yrs a same party is ruling in Tripura and presently a minimum number of oppositions' faces are seen in the Assembly, ushering no hope for change and thus the communists are all in all in the whole Assembly, but sometimes media expose their masks and same was on Monday, when maximum leaders instead of focusing on the debates going on, they were submerged in sleep.

Regarding PM Modi's  absent in the Parliament CPI-M raised many questions, as '......nothing can be more important than parliament'. But when the same party leaders are found taking naps, question raised over the 'Importance' of Tripura Assembly to the leaders in actual.

This is not the first time, but in last Assembly also the same scenario was witnessed and this year same thing is repeating.


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