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Budget-effect hits Assembly 3rd day : opposition Congress, Trinamool slam State Govt for depriving Govt Employees
TIWN Feb 21, 2017
Budget-effect hits Assembly 3rd day : opposition Congress, Trinamool slam State Govt for depriving Govt Employees
PHOTO : 3rd day of Assembly budget session begins amidst chaos. TIWN Pic Feb 21

AGARTALA, Feb 21 (TIWN): Tripura Govt which has announced about Rs. 600 crores allocation for Govt employees for the year 2017-18, has been slammed by the oppositions at the very beginning of the Assembly 3rd day. Opposition Congress MLA Gopal Roy asked, “What will the Govt do with the allocated only 600 crores for the employees? How State Govt is going to spend the amount ?”. However, Finance Minister Bhanulal Saha failed to answer the question properly and said, “It’s not possible for the state govt to provide more than Rs. 600 crores. Whatever the salary, allowance will be given it will be from this 600 crores”. Reacting over Bhanulal Saha’s comment MLA Biswabandhu Sen said, “The Govt employees have been massively fooled by Tripura Govt again”. “At present the Govt is unable to allocate more than 600 crores and within 600 crores the financial year has to be managed”, Saha said. The demand for the salary and pensioners were Rs. 58.399 crores but it has been allocated Rs. 30,501 crores. Saha further said that it’s not possible to bear the hiked amount of salary, pension under 4rth Pay Commission.

Saha clearly said, ‘……a huge amount will be required to meet the requirement in accordance with the accepted recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. In this situation, further examination is going on to take pragmatic views and steps in this regard’

'Whatever is possible the state govt will give from this 600 crores....', Saha added. 

Saha's reply had generated huge resentment among the opposition parties and the assembly was adjourned for hours.

However,it’s worthy to mention here that for the first time Tripura govt. in 2008 implemented Pay Review commission, whereas the employees were expecting the Pay-Commission’s implementation. But in the name of Pay review till day govt. employees have been deprived in Tripura. It took 9 years for grade pay’s introduction in Tripura. Out of 20 PSO for pensioners, Tripura has only 6 out of them which are given to a selective section of employees.

Even after High court orders to clear 31% DA to the state government employees the state govt is not ready to give issuing ‘fund crisis. Presently a case is pending at Supreme Court which was filed by Tripura Govt challenging HC's order and until the case resolves, Tripura Govt is free to provide salaries to its employees as per its wish. 

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