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'Model State Tripura' : IT illiterate Manik Sarkar's vision sideline Engineers, State's economic hope diminish under Communist era
TIWN Feb 10 2017
'Model State Tripura' : IT illiterate Manik Sarkar's vision sideline Engineers, State's economic hope diminish under Communist era
PHOTO : Manik Sarkar, Chief Minister of Tripura (left) and Manish Goenka, President of MCC Chamber of Commerce &Industry, at an interactive session in Kolkata. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Feb 10 (TIWN): Due to State Govt's apathy and neglect, majority of top brains already left State. Engineers have been marginalized from Tripura’s various developmental projects, then without expert engineers advices the Govt is planning its IT vision. Class 12 grade pass PWD Minister who is also holding the chair also as the Health Minister dislikes or take advises from the Governor also, eventhough Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy was a professional engineer. In this condition how IT will grow in Tripura it’s under doubt. It has been reported that whereas joining at the same year the Doctors have been promoted as A-class officer, but the Engineers are kept without promotion. Many engineers passes their whole lives without getting the deserve post to their degrees. Allegation raised from a section senior engineers that sidelining the Engineers has been done fully planwise.

Eventhough the banks also prefer the engineers for their betterment, but the CPI-M Govt has led the engineers to keep below the posts revenue inspection and Panchayat Extension officer---- whose job begins with 2 steps below than Engineers. 

Till 70’s Era the Executive Engineering post was greater than a DM or a Director. But presently the post of an Superintending Engineer ranks below than the SDM level. Thus one can imagine the rank of the Asst Engineer, Junior Engineers posts in Tripura.

However, in this regard to continue the deprivation to the engineers the Tripura Govt has launched CDC, FDC charge; via which sitting in a same position the Engineers will work hard until retirement.

This fashion to down the engineers began since 20 years. Most shameful matter is that the Engineer who is working in FDC post, just to promote him to that position his position is written as SCR. However, this is only possible in a model state like Tripura.

In the present scenario, various projects have been undertaken by the State Govt including National Highway & all the road under PMGSY added by various building construction works. Apart from that NIC, NLCPR, SCA, NABARD under these various projects road construction is going on.

In every Districts 1 SI Office, at every Subdivisions EE Office and at every blocks subdivision office although have introduced, but the coldness of Ministers and negligence to the engineers have remained unpaused.

The Govt of Tripura never takes initiative to promote the Engineers and take their advises for various works. In the name of All Tripura Engineers Association, a section of engineers although have taken shelter under Melarmath party office, but they remained much unproductive for the social welfare.

So many engineering Colleges are in Tripura now, but the engineers are passing out every year and becomes jobless. The engineers who gets Govt job, remained below than a Panchayat officer also. 



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