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Tripura to celebrate National Ayurveda Day
TIWN Oct 26, 2016
Tripura to celebrate National Ayurveda Day
PHOTO : Ayurvedic doctors held press meet. TIWN Pic Oct 26

AGARTALA, Oct 26 (TIWN): For the first time along with the whole nation Tripura also will celebrate National Ayurveda Day on August 28.

In a press meet held at Ayurveda Hospital at Agartala Tripura Ayurvedic Doctors Nirmal Debnath, Abhijit Bhattacharjee, Manik Chakraborty informed media about it.

Addressing the press Dr. Chakraborty said, “India Govt. for the first time announced about National Ayurvedic Day”.

“In Agartala’s programme in Agartala which will be held at Sukanta Academy, Health Minister Badal Chowdhury will remain present on that occasion”, he said.

“Although India is rich in Ayurvedic world, but the potentiality has remained unutilized in this country”, added Chakraborty.

Presently Tripura has total 102 doctors in Ayurvedic and in coming days the availability will be increased more, said Chakraborty. 

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