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Supreme Court ushered ray of hope for Tripura’s all deprived Govt employees : ordered to re-compensate Jute Mill employees with 6 % interest since 1996
TIWN Oct 26, 2016
Supreme Court ushered ray of hope for Tripura’s all deprived Govt employees : ordered to re-compensate Jute Mill employees with 6 % interest since 1996
PHOTO : Supreme Court ordered Tripura Govt to hike Jut Mill employees salary as per Central scale. Jut Mill employees held press meet at Agt Press Club. TIWN Pic Oct 26

AGARTALA, Oct 26 (TIWN): Bad days of Tripura CPI-M Govt has finally begun, as the Govt miserably lost in a case at Supreme Court, which was appealed after Guwahti High Court passed order in 2011 to provide salary in Central scale to the Jut Mill Employees. However, it is a historical winning & what signified the case is---- already the most important case is pending at Supreme Court about DA, pay scale of Tripura employees which was a challenge taken by Tripura Govt.against the order of Tripura High Court to "fill up the Gap of the salary of state govt employees with the centrals". Manik Govt has appealed in Supreme Court against Tripura high court order passed by Justice Subashish Talapatra and now the case is pending there, but after the slap on Manik Govt’s face, has given by the Jut Mill employees--- now it’s almost assumed that the State Govt also in the next case will be defeated by state govt employees and finally after SC’s order; there will be no difference between State & Central Govt employees' salaries.

Addressing the press meet at Agartala Press Club this  TJMKM member Nakul Das said, “After a long struggle ultimately we have owned in the door of justice. We,as the Jute Mill employees had been fighting for our own rights and benefits from the state’s Left Front government for several years and after knocking the doors of High Court and Supreme Court, ultimately we have won the case in their favour”.

However, now the Govt of Tripura has no option left apart from providing the full salary to employees and pensions under Jut Mill.

They applied at Guwahaiti High Court in 2014 and won, but Tripura Govt challenging the order appealed in Supreme Court but ultimately lost it.

However, after that historical move now hope high for the deprived employees of Tripura Govt. as their case is also at pending in Supreme Court.

Tripura High Court has ordered the state govt. to pay 31 % DA unless the govt. here doesn’t take any proper DA system and Pay Commissions implement.

 The Tripura government will move the Supreme Court challenging the Tripura High Court verdict that it pay pending 42 per cent dearness allowance (DA) to its 209,000 employees and pension holders. After the latest four per cent release on July 14, the dearness allowance of Tripura government employees and pensioners rose to 83 per cent, while the central government employees are getting the allowance at 125 per cent. 

Now it’s almost assumed that the Govt will surely lost the 2nd case also, and may be after many years, but they will get their financial rights back as SC also ordered the state govt to give 6 % interest to the salary as a part of their loss. 

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