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Manik Sarkar’s speech evoked sympathy for NE based terrorists at Assam Rifles Ground : CPI-M's anti-nationalism, anti-Indian drive continue
TIWN Oct 26, 2016
Manik Sarkar’s speech evoked sympathy for NE based terrorists at Assam Rifles Ground : CPI-M's anti-nationalism, anti-Indian drive continue
PHOTO : Assam rifles organised peace rally at AR Ground. TIWN pic Oct 26

AGARTALA, Oct 26 (TIWN): Tripura Chief Minisiter Manik Sarkar again tried to strike the Central Govt by giving example of the increasing terrorist groups in NE India while delivering his speech at Assam Rifles Ground where a peace rally was held by Assam Rifles Jawans. Whereas the Country is suffering from frequent terrorist attacks CM said, “Due to India Govt’s negligence since 70 years of India’s Independence, the NE is facing many problems”. Targeting the Modi Govt he said, “Due to such reasons various groups are emerging as terrorist groups in NE India”. This speech again sparks about CPI-M’s being the agent of China, as all knows how China has been involved to help the NE based terrorists to damage the peace of the country. MLA Sudip Roy Barman also pointed out before few days that whereas many parts of NE including Arunachal Pradesh are trying to occupied by China, the CPI-M is supporting that country. CM continued, “natural resources are getting wasted due to the negligence shown towards NE region”.

Everyone knows how various plants are remained non-working in Tripura due to the anti-industrialist CPI-M Govt’s mentality, but Tripura CM leaves no stone unturned to hit the Prime Minister of India.  Moreover, Manik Sarkar urged the Assam Rifles Jawans to spread the message of peace, tranquility and brother hood across North East India. 

CM continued to blast the Central Govt  in that programme named  ‘Run For Peace’ and help the human beings to walk with a positive thinking and attitude.

It was in Oct 18, that with a surprise, when the whole world is moving with the faster development of 21st century, Communists are yet to come out of traumas of political loss & profit held before 70 years. Instead of developing the states, the communists are trying to create riot in state in the name of Independent movement. Giving a major shock to the people sitting at Agartala Town Hall, eye-witnessed by TIWN correspondent, Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar continued his anti-nationalist speech, hateful speech against the freedom fighters of India and said the Indian History has not been portrayed in the right manner, how it should be. The incident which held even before Tripura Chief Minister’s was born, he continued to comment on those incidents and giving his communist friends butter on those incidents including Sepoy Mutiny, criticizing Mahatma Gandhi’s movements etc.

“Indian Freedom was dealt by mutuality, that freedom is not ‘full freedom’, and people didn’t want that freedom”, Sarkar’s speech hit the intellectuals, in the presence of TIWN representatives. Blasting Indian History he said, “This history we read today was written with much manipulation”. 

Rectifying his speech Chief Minister further said, “I meant to say, India is free and anyhow could achieve freedom—but economically India is not free ! Giving example he said, “China (Communist-country) is an ideal country, and it will achieve the top-most position in whole world beating America. 

Everyone knows how much politics CPI-M did when India was to become powerful with nuclear deals. Helping China, CPI-M protested against India’s friendship with America, saying that’s a capitalist country, whereas China being the neighboring country is the 2nd threat for India, after Pakistan. 

“Why Modi Govt sees Pakistan only its enemy ? Why not other countries?”, said Sarkar. But Manik Sarkar by forgetting his all politics would think practically what China and Pakistan are doing with India & what America has done? 

Rejecting Indian History, Manik Sarkar said, “The Sepoy Mutiny has been falsely shown in Indian History. It was done by Communists but Britishers had shown that due to some beef issue the movement was emerged”.

“Ye Azaddi Jhutha hai…, voice raised after Indian Freedom in 1947 & the gaps will be fulfilled by Communists…”, claimed the Communist CM.

However, CM although has pointed the NE based terrorists but he himself has failed to find out the enemies present in his own  state, rather he supported the terrorist sentiment emerging in NE, which he said due to the “Negligence towards NE region”. 

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