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Agartala City becoming Crime zone : Lack of CCTV cameras left the city police clue-less in many cases
TIWN Oct 26, 2016
Agartala City becoming Crime zone : Lack of CCTV cameras left the city police clue-less in many cases
PHOTO : Deadbody recovered from ILS hospital area. TIWN Pic Oct 26

AGARTALA, Oct 26 (TIWN): The crime rate in Tripura has been drastically increased which is not leaving the police officials also. Holding a press meet at West Police Station, West Tripura SP Abhishek Saptarshi said the increasing intoxicated youths in society has brutally killed a police personnel, which would not be tolerated. On Monday late night few lunatic ,addicted youths not only hit a police personnel but the impact was so strong that the Havildar was dragged for 15 meters by the offending vehicle. Victim Policeman was immediately shifted to GBP Hospital but succumbed to his injuries. Based on preliminary investigation it is seen that this is not case of an accident. The rider Nayan Sarkar (21) S/0 Nepal Sarkar of Chowringee Para PS. He is presently at GB Hospital & under strict observation of the police. However, although Tripura police has now become concerned about the increasing crimes, when a police personnel was killed due to reckless driving, but through out the whole year such incidents take place, but police has no headache for all these.

Day by day crimes, murders, robberies are increasing in Agartala City.

 It’s worthy to mention here that number of mysterious deaths are swelling in Tripura as on Oct 17 3 murders in a single day held at 3 subdivisions. A deadbody with severe injuries was recovered on Monday morning at Pratapgarh area. The body was discovered by the locals who went for morning walk near a paddy field. Then on the same day a hanging body was recovered from Sonamura, Srimantapur & another youth’s body was found floating on a pond at Bishalgarh Chelikhola area.

Day by day crime rates are increasing in Tripura, creating much tension among the common people and the security of the Citizens are on threat. 

Except murder, Tripura also tops in other areas of crime as crime against women, rapes, robbery, drug business etc. Day after day body recovering has become a common issue at Dharmanagar, Udaipur and many parts of South Tripura, but the ruling govt is happy with the highest literacy rate in state. 

At the fire incident at Abhoynagar on Sunday early morning, police remained clueless. At a glance massive losses were caused to 13 families when mysterious fire broke out at Abhoynagar but due to lack of CCTV cameras the incident happened. 

On Thursday morning a fully burnt vehicle was found at Agartala Pratapgarh area. It was in that  same place from where a dead-body with severe injuries was recovered in this month.

Mysterious death of a 20 years girl student hits Capital City on Oct 20.

However, Saptashi said that vigilance to be increased from now onwards. 

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