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CPI-M’s Indo-US Cultural Exchange move proven as Nightmare : Manik Sarkar successfully downed America’s image with Mrs Hall’s horrible Opera-Rabindra Sangeet Remix performance
TIWN Oct 25, 2016

AGARTALA, Oct 25 (TIWN): US Consulate General Craig Hall & his wife Mrs Meeryung Hall who have been living in Kolkata as a part of their first ever residing in India since Sep, 2015 might stepped in a wrong trap of Communists, without understanding Indian Politics as his wife after her miserable performance at Rabindra Bhawan with an experiment of Opera and Indian Rabindra Sangeet has become a laughing staff nationally. Craig Hall & Tripura ICA Minister Bhanulal Saha both advised each other for time to time holding Indo-US Cultural exchange programmes in coming days. Whereas Tripura CM usually strikes on US govt. following the much popular Anti-Capitalism policy led by Communist leaders across the world, surprised the public when ICA released an invitation letter for Oct 24th’s cultural evening to be hoisted by Consulate General’s wife with her Rabindra Sangeet.

Not only this CM Manik Sarkar enjoyed the programme sitting with US Consulate & his wife.

She was practicing Rabindra Sangeet since last one year after she grew interest in Indian Art and Culture, said Meeryung Hall at Rabindra Bhawan. “Rabindra Sangeet is personally very meaningful”, said Mrs. Hall. “Rabindra Sangeet is a love for nature, love for God. I’m thankful to Tagore”, she added.

Bhanula Saha said, “Tripura govt always wanted such a cultural exchange occasion, which need to be continued with US”. However, what surprised people is that-----whereas before few days also CPI-M politburo Sitaram Yuchury gave long lectures on his Anti-US policy, and just  7 days Tripura Communist CM accused America for causing massive damages to India---the same CPI-M is attempting for a move towards west.

However, when Mrs Hall finished her performance the public bound to accept the fact that Indian Song & culture and to get perfection in them, is more like a “Sadhana” (worshipping for a long with full dedication), which is not possible in a shot cut way with 1 years practicing.

Finally Tripura ICA Dept and US Consulate who organized the programme in a joint  collaboration have remained as Jokes to Tripura people.

Tripura’s great musicians including Sachin Devbarman like personalities  faced much hardtimes in their times out of poverty & due to poor infrastructure in Tripura school, colleges many talents are dying without recognition.

Hopefully ICA Dept would start to find out talents from the state also, rather than wasting public funds in such a programme  with Horrible Diplomatic Move ! 

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