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Tripura’s unemployed Post Graduates preparing for 3rd TET : 1st 2 TETs qualified candidates yet to receive their posting order
TIWN Oct 25, 2016
Tripura’s unemployed Post Graduates preparing for 3rd  TET :  1st 2 TETs qualified candidates yet to receive their posting order
PHOTO : 3rd TET to be held on Nov 20. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Oct 25 (TIWN): After first 2 TETs held in Tripura now unemployed youths are busy in their preparation for PGT test which is to be held on November 20. But surprisingly, whereas the last 2 TET exam qualifiers yet to get their posting even after 1 year has been passed after they appeared for TET Exam in 2015, Tripura Govt is taking anther TET Exam to choose candidates. For what govt is waiting for ?--- 10,323 teachers’ case’s final declaration or for Assembly Election 2018.

However the persons who will finally get job after qualifying in TET will receive a fixed pay salary for the next 5 years., which come around Rs. 7.000/ for senior basic & Rs. 5000/ for primary teachers.

 In this situation resentment has been brewed among the Dec’s TET qualifiers as 10 months of passing Tripura govt. failed to give any job to them. Out of 5 year’s of punishment with Fixed salary they could easily pass 1 year already.  The day they will join as teachers in Tripura schools, they will get fixed pay salary for next 5 years, although it was earlier said that TET qualifiers must get salary as per Central Govt’s scheme.

Last year TET exam result was pathetic, for which govt. decided to take Re-TET.  Around 14 % candidates has passed in last TET, which showed the Education quality of Tripura Education System. 

Since Ministry of human resource development (MHRD) ordered not to appoint teachers without conducting the Teachers' Eligibility Test (TET), the state government has postponed appointing teachers for the 1.5 lakh vacant posts of undergraduate teachers in state-run schools. Despite the mandatory directives of the Centre to follow the National Council of Teachers' Education (NCTE) to bring qualified and meritorious people as teachers, the state government did not follow it and provided jobs to party cadres. Although after that TET was held, but none of them has received job letter yet. 

Under CPI-M Eras, Job recruitment, Promotion have become contradictory & the Tripura government has been opposing the setting up of the school service commission and TET. But the Central Govt. rejected to agree with that as under Right to Education Era, it has been mandatory to pass TET before appointing as teachers in every states.

But after TET was launched in Tripura, job-appointing corruption didn’t leave the state. From Firemen job to TBSE, in every sectors youths started to questioning about Job appointment. Under Tripura Govt. while appointing someone in a post for Govt. employee no rule is followed, which was proven when Tripura High Court canceled in total 10,323 teachers job, finding massive corruption held under Tripura Education dept, while recruiting someone in job. 

However, with all these finally the 3rd TET to be held in Tripura on November 20, with hopes of diminishing unemployment.

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