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US Consul General wife's 'Rabindra Sangeet' evokes mass laughter, ICAT Dept wastes taxpayers money
TIWN Oct 24, 2016
US Consul General wife's 'Rabindra Sangeet' evokes mass laughter, ICAT Dept wastes taxpayers money
PHOTO : ICA department and US Consulate general jointly organised musical programme at RS Bawan. TIWN Pic Oct 24

AGARTALA, Oct 24 (TIWN): Even though Manik Sarkar's CPI-M Govt leaving no stone unturned to please US Govt and its officials, including their wives but poor performance & recitals evoked mass laughter in Rabindra Bhawan on Monday evening.

When everyone in Rabindra Bhawan was curiously waiting for US Consul's wife Meeryung Hall’s Rabindra Sangeet performance, in an utter shock to audience, her singing raised roars of loud laughter among the audience.

Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar with a diplomatic move invited US General Consulate Craig Hall & his wife Mrs Meeryung Hall in Tripura to get US fundings in verious projects to fill CPI-M's dilipiated cash reserve.

In an exception to communist culture, US Consul Craig Halls’ wife’s  Meeryung’s Rabindra Sangeet performance organized by CPI-M's ICA Dept. at Rabindra Bhawan on Monday.

Whereas Tripura schools, sports institutions are acutely suffering from lack of infrastructure, Govt employees are deprived of basic salaries & DA, poor people are victims of Rural development scams which are hitting the developments of the state due to many corrupted officials as BDO Bimal Chakraborty, the CPI-M Govt continue  to spoil public funds for a colourful cultural night to bootlick US Govt, even though .Meeryung Hall's poor performance only turned the event as mass laughter.

Manik Sarkar’s right hand i.e.  ICA Minister Bhnulal Saha supervised the programme organized at Rabindra Bhawan, which exposed CPI-M’s US boot-licking diplomacy when Meeryung Hall’s horrible Opera cum Rabindra Sangeet raised loud laughters in that hall.

From Children to Journalists, State’s artists to ICA Dept officials failed to control their big teeth of laughter during her performance of “Aguner Parash Moni” & following other songs.

After Meeryung Hall finished 2 songs, many came out of the Hall for a break to laugh as Meeryung Hall's poor performance certainly shaken Rabindranath Tagore from his grave.

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