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Lives remained in miserable shape on Hills
TIWN Oct 24, 2016
Lives remained in miserable shape on Hills

AGARTALA, Oct 24 (TIWN): Luxurious life is a dream for hilly people, they do not have basic facilities for living.

Although Golden-era, with less population in comparison to other states of India, Tripura still remained backward especially in hilly areas without basic facilities of everyday life which mostly inhibited by poor tribals.

In places like Arjuna hilly areas at North Tripura, tribal women are everyday found to carry water, woods from miles of distances for their household works. 

Manik Sarkar ruled state often described as possessing a govt. which is ‘for the poor people’, but if one walks few miles from the city life, the reality comes to disclose.

Tripura is claimed for having the highest literacy rate in allover India, but such hilly areas depict another scenario. 

Smart city, smart village all these are just to say, as if just few words spoken before the elections, but after the result of the elections when CPI-M wins with huge number of votes, then these scenaries full of miseries are forgotten.  


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