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Haora: one of the grossly polluted minor rivers in India
 Haora: one of the grossly polluted minor rivers in India

Agartala, Sept20 (TIWN): Haora River is the lifeline of Agartala city because it fulfills the major demand of drinking water as well as water for other purposes of the entire population of Agartala city.The quality of water of Haora river continue to deteriorate at alarming rate. Speaking about extent of pollution of Haora river chief executive officer of AMC, Milind Ramteke said “Central pollution control board has identified the river stretch along the city of Agartala for the Haora river to be one of the grossly polluted stretches in minor river basins in India and has recommended immediate conservation measures.”

He stated that as there is no extensive sewerage system it may be presumed that most of the water bodies under Agartala city are polluted. 

Narrating the main reasons of pollution of Haora River and other bodies Mr. Ramteke said that as there are no major industries in the city, main causes of pollution of water bodies including Haora river is the contamination of human waste (septage) with the water bodies. “They get contaminated due to  – practice of manual cleaning of septic tanks, direct connection of overflow pipes of septic tanks into storm water drain, relatively large number of kaccha latrines and practice open defecation”   he added. 

     He said that as per the report of Tripura State Pollution Control Board, the Haora river becomes grossly polluted in Agartala city before it crosses the international border into Bangladesh.  The board recommended implementation of a comprehensive sewerage treatment system for the city.   

    Regarding the initiatives taken by AMC, the administrative head said World  Sanitation Programme of World Bank has been engaged with the Government of Tripura, to develop a frame work to strengthen their polices, approaches and system to address the emerging problems of septage management.

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