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Water scarcity emerges as a burning problem in the tribal helmets: Measles and Chicken pox creates havoc in rural areas
Water scarcity emerges as a burning problem in the tribal helmets: Measles and Chicken pox creates havoc in rural areas
PHOTO : A tribal women collecting drinking water at Barmura area. TIWN file photo

Agartala, April 1 (TIWN): With the onset of dry season, water scarcity emerges as a burning problem in the different areas of Tripura especially in tribal halmets. Due to the lack of water sources different diseases like chicken pox, measles creates havoc in Gandacherra and Manughat sub-division. Besides that only one MPW is working to serve the infected persons. It is to be mention here that mostly childrens are affected by this disease.

Many interior tribal localities in Tripura are facing acute drinking water crisis mainly caused by the dry spell. The drinking water and sanitation (DWS) department has arranged for supply of water by mobile tankers to help out distressed people. However, the most disheartening matter remains the helplessness of the State Government to reach out to the people with a solution. People rely on water hand pumps and local streams installed in few villages. Reports from different parts of the District have confirmed the alarming sight of decreasing water sources. Sources from Gandacherra, Longtarai Valley, Kanchanpur, Hezamara has stated that, water scarcity has become the main problem. It is also reported that Gomati river, Howrah river and other water streams are drying up which have been not witnessed in previous years. Meanwhile tankers pressed into service to take water in some affected tribal hamlets. Officials stated that most of the affected areas are situated in North Tripura and Dhalai districts. Some cases of water borne diseases have eruption of enteric disease and diarrhea is most common during dry spell in remote tribal localities. Drinking of contaminated water from the streams due to drying up of regular water sources have led to diseases resulting in casualties every year. DWS officers are constantly monitoring the situation and directed to take appropriate measures.
 However, the metrological department, Agartala has predicted rainfall in the entire State is unlikely in the next couple of days. Wave of water scarcity and rush for water sources have become a visible activity in many parts of the district.

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