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No slaughter house in the capital city: AMC 2015-16 budget contains no plan; negligence role under limelight
No slaughter house in the capital city:  AMC 2015-16 budget contains no plan; negligence role under limelight
PHOTO : AMC Council Bhavan meeting in progress. TIWN File Phoo

AGARTALA, March 23 (TIWN): With the growing number of open slaughtering of animals across the road side here in the capital city Agartala, the Agartala Municipal Corporation has failed to provide a facility to the meat sellers bringing the open slaughtering under control. It revealed that all the open slaughtering houses across the road side posing both environment and health hazards due to discrete disposal of waste, highly polluted effluent discharge, cutting of animals. The results show that for the residents living in the immediate vicinity of the open slaughter houses at the capital city, both the environmental conditions and their health conditions were worst. And it does brings a terror among the children, especially the school goers.Asked about the issue today the Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) Mayor Prafullajit Sinha talking to TIWN said, “AMC has taken certain steps to detect the places where open slaughtering of the animals are going on at large at the road side, so that slaughter would be made soon to facilitate the meat sellers as well as to keep the environment clean at the roadside.” However but it is mentionable here that the AMC 2015-16 budget keeps no aim for setting up of slaughter house at the capital city Agartala, while there is no plan for setting up of the slaughter house.

And with this the negligence role of the AMC has of course under the limelight, with the residents living in the immediate vicinity of the open slaughter houses often alleges that the open slaughtering is not brought under the focus of the concerned authorities yet today. and this are hampering their daily life style, alleges the residents.  

At present except some of the major markets across the capital city, a large number of open slaughtering house could be witnessed at Milanchakra area, Bordowali, Krishnanagar, Bhagaman Thakur Chowmuhni, Dhaleshwar, and other such places, where the sellers do bring the animals like goats, cock and a piece of pig and cuts those at an open area posing environmental hazards and terror among the children who passé by through a road. Residents living in the immediate vicinity of the slaughter house do suffer from the open slaughtering of animals. Slaughter houses were located in the midst of residential areas whether they were inside the city or in the outskirts. The local authorities and municipality should properly chalk out plans for its proper place i.e. outside the residential areas so they do not degrade the environment and harm the health of the residents.  

However it is worthy to mention here that a special attention should be paid by planners, government bodies and local municipal authorities to improve the conditions of these areas. Site location-slaughter houses should be located outside populated areas downwind from the city far away from water body. Landuse policies should be framed accordingly.

The government also should enforce the existing laws strictly related to slaughter houses. There should be a proper licensing system for slaughter houses. Public awareness and enlightment on possible impact of pollution from slaughter house wastes should be embarked upon by government and non-government organizations and public participation is necessary for the development of policies for slaughter house management.

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