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SEBI and NSE holds regional investor seminar on 'Securities Market and Common Man' at Agartala
SEBI and NSE holds regional investor seminar on 'Securities Market and Common Man' at Agartala
PHOTO : North East SEBI General Manager delivering speech at Agartala Muktadhara hall. TIWn Pic March 21

AGARTALA, March 21 (TIWN): Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) organized regional investor seminar on “Securities Market and Common Man” at Mukthadhara Auditorium, here today.Addressing in the seminar Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) official said that Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) was set up in 1988 to regulate the functions of securities market. SEBI promotes orderly and healthy development in the stock market but initially SEBI was not able to exercise complete control over the stock market transactions.
It was left as a watch dog to observe the activities but was found ineffective in regulating and controlling them. As a result in May 1992, SEBI was granted legal status. SEBI is a body corporate having a separate legal existence and perpetual succession, he added.The overall objectives of SEBI are to protect the interest of investors and to promote the development of stock exchange and to regulate the activities of stock market.

The objectives of SEBI are:

1. To regulate the activities of stock exchange.

2. To protect the rights of investors and ensuring safety to their investment.

3. To prevent fraudulent and malpractices by having balance between self regulation of business and its statutory regulations.

4. To regulate and develop a code of conduct for intermediaries such as brokers, underwriters, etc.


As protective functions SEBI performs following functions:

(i) It Checks Price Rigging:

Price rigging refers to manipulating the prices of securities with the main objective of inflating or depressing the market price of securities. SEBI prohibits such practice because this can defraud and cheat the investors.

(ii) It Prohibits Insider trading:

Insider is any person connected with the company such as directors, promoters etc. These insiders have sensitive information which affects the prices of the securities. This information is not available to people at large but the insiders get this privileged information by working inside the company and if they use this information to make profit, then it is known as insider trading, e.g., the directors of a company may know that company will issue Bonus shares to its shareholders at the end of year and they purchase shares from market to make profit with bonus issue. This is known as insider trading. SEBI keeps a strict check when insiders are buying securities of the company and takes strict action on insider trading.

(iii) SEBI prohibits fraudulent and Unfair Trade Practices:


SEBI does not allow the companies to make misleading statements which are likely to induce the sale or purchase of securities by any other person.

(iv) SEBI undertakes steps to educate investors so that they are able to evaluate the securities of various companies and select the most profitable securities.

(v) SEBI promotes fair practices and code of conduct in security market by taking following steps:

(a) SEBI has issued guidelines to protect the interest of debenture-holders wherein companies cannot change terms in midterm.

(b) SEBI is empowered to investigate cases of insider trading and has provisions for stiff fine and imprisonment.

(c) SEBI has stopped the practice of making preferential allotment of shares unrelated to market prices.


2. Developmental Functions:

These functions are performed by the SEBI to promote and develop activities in stock exchange and increase the business in stock exchange. Under developmental categories following functions are performed by SEBI:

(i) SEBI promotes training of intermediaries of the securities market.

(ii) SEBI tries to promote activities of stock exchange by adopting flexible and adoptable approach in following way:

(a) SEBI has permitted internet trading through registered stock brokers.

(b) SEBI has made underwriting optional to reduce the cost of issue.

(c) Even initial public offer of primary market is permitted through stock exchange.

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