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Tripura West District collects Rs. 86.75 Crore from SSS
Tripura West District collects Rs. 86.75 Crore from SSS
PHOTO : DM west office. TIWN Pic

AGARTALA, March 13 (TIWN): Tripura West District has collected Rs. 86.75 Crore from Small Savings Scheme (SSS) for the current Financial Year (FY) up till February 2015. However the state govt. has earlier targeted Rs. 65 crore from the Scheme.

From Sadar Sub Division of the West District Rs. 77.72 crore was collected, while the Mohonpur Sub Division has collected Rs. 4.20 Crore and Jirania Sub Division has collected a total of Rs. 4.83 crore.  

However it is worthy to be mentioned here that the state administration has earlier laid a stress on encouraging investors in the Small Savings Scheme (SSS) in the wake of statewide crackdown on Non Banking Financial Institutions. A total of Rs. 327.72 crore was collected by post offices across the state in 2013-2014; depositors withdrew barely Rs. 274 crore on their end.

The small savings scheme achieved their target of 37 percent set for the entire financial year by the first three months alone, the source informed.

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