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Karnataka Poll : ‘South Indian Voters Disapproved BJP's Divisive Politics’, Says Tripura Congress
TIWN May 14, 2023
Karnataka Poll : ‘South Indian Voters Disapproved BJP's Divisive Politics’, Says Tripura Congress
PHOTO : Tripura Congress celebrates Karnataka victory. TIWN Pic May 13, 2023

AGARTALA, May 14 (TIWN): Tripura Congress President Birjit Sinha after Congress’s massive win in Karnataka, has congratulated the voters there for voting against BJP’s divisive politics. Sinha said, “The voters of South India has replied to BJP and its negative politics. It is proven that South Indian people do not like hate politics. I believe that in the upcoming polls in various states, BJP will be defeated and Karnataka poll result will bring a major impact on the other polls. There are 5 states which are poll bound and nation will see BJP’s downfall”. TIWN YouTube Video, Rahul Gandhi's addressed to media after Karnataka Poll results

Former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Saturday thanked the people of Karnataka on party's expected victory and said that "market of hate has been shut and shops of love have opened".

He also said that the power of crony capitalism has been defeated by the power of poor people.  Speaking to the media at the party headquarters here, Gandhi said, "Want to thank the people of Karnataka, our party leaders and all party workers who have worked hard."

He said, "In the Karnataka elections, there was crony capitalism on one side and on the other side there was the power of poor people who defeated the powerful."  He further said that the Congress stood with the poor and "we fought on their issue".  "We didn't fight on hate and we fought on issues of love. We fought with people, and the state has shown that love can win," he said, adding that this will be repeated in other states too.

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