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Expired Dated Groceries Seized by Food Dept
TIWN May 10, 2023
Expired Dated Groceries Seized by Food Dept
PHOTO : Expired Groceries Seized by Food Dept in Chandrapur. TIWN Pic May 10, 2023

AGARTALA, May 10 (TIWN): Ramthakur Varieties Proprietor Mistu Biswas’s shop was raided the Food Department officials on Wednesday.

During the raid, a large amount of expired food items were seized by the Dept officials.

The incident took place in Chandrapur. Along with this shop, the officials have been raiding various shops in the area since morning.

Talking to the officials, they told media that such raids will be continuing the coming days and across the state this drive will be held to ensure food safety.

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