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Frequent Load-Shedding : Senior Citizen sits on Hunger Strike in Kailashahar
TIWN May 8, 2023
Frequent Load-Shedding : Senior Citizen sits on Hunger Strike in Kailashahar
PHOTO : Senior Citizen sits on Hunger Strike in Kailashahar. TIWN Pic May 8, 2023

AGARTALA, May 8 (TIWN): Frequent loadshedding in Kailashar Subdivision has created extreme angst among the locals in Kailashahar subdivision. Over frequent loadshedding, a senior Advocate Asim Bhattacharya of Govindapur area sit on a Hunger strike in a private electricity service provider 'Sai Computer's Electricity Office.

On the Hunger Spot Advocate, Asim Bhattacharya confronting media stated that he needs to study his case but the Powe cut off in his house from 9 am to 3 pm on Sunday, later after providing Electricity for few mins it was again cut. Asim Bhattacharya immediately called the electricity service provider ‘Sai Computer's ‘ office but no one allegedly came to fix the issue. Later seeing no way, he rushed to the office and sat on a Hunger strike. Immediately, a large contingent of police and TSR forces from Kailasahar police station came to the hunger strike.

Later after a long time of Sit in Demonstration the officials of ‘Sai Computer' fixed issue in his house at 2:45 a.m. The Senior Advocate Asim Bhattacharya stated that he will file a case against the Private forum ‘Sai Computer' for not providing Electricity services in the area in a proper manner.

However, it is reported according to the residents of the Kailasahar sub-division that since the 'Sai Computer' company took charge of the electricity service in the entire Kailasahar sub-division for the past three years, the electricity service in the Kailasahar sub-division has started disruption. 


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