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Malaria Outbreak in Tripura : No Health Camp in remote areas
TIWN Aug 18, 2022
Malaria Outbreak in Tripura : No Health Camp in remote areas
PHOTO : Malaria Outbreak in Mugiakami. TIWN Pic Aug 18, 2022

AGARTALA, Aug 18 (TIWN): Outbreak of malaria in remote areas of Tripura have rattled lives. But even after such an outbreak. there are no health camps in those area. Residents of the Tui Karma ADC Village Tirtha Moni Riang under Mungiakami Health Department are being haunted by Malaria outbreak chances with the numbers of increasing malaria cases.

It is reported that Samirung Reang, a seven-year-old daughter of Khank Chan Reang, a resident of Tirtha Moni Riang Para, under Mungiakami Health Department, Teliamura Division, was infected with malaria. Later, ASHA workers tested Samirung Reang's blood sample and first took him to Mungiakami Health Centre. But the doctor on duty at the hospital realized that her condition due to malaria turned serious and transferred him to the Teliamura sub-division hospital last Wednesday night. Meanwhile, the doctor of Teliamura Sub-Division Hospital started to provide medical services after checking the health of Sumirung Rang who was suffering from malaria.

However, Samirung's family members said that there has been an outbreak of fever in every house in Tirtha Moni Reang Para area. But despite the outbreak of such fever, no health camp has been held in the area so far. Already in such a season there are outbreaks of malaria in different areas including Tirtha Moni Riang Para, Bilaiham Riang Para.

The health department sometimes conducts health camps in those areas, but currently the health camps in those areas are closed.


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