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Preparation begins for Ganesh Chaturthi in Tripura
TIWN Sep 6, 2021
Preparation begins for Ganesh Chaturthi in Tripura
PHOTO : Artisan busy in making Ganesh idols. TIWN Pic Sep 6, 2021

AGARTALA, Sep 6 (TIWN): Preparations have been started for Ganesh Chaturthi in Tripura.

Talking to an artisan in Agartala he said that the equipment which are needed to build Ganesh idols, their prices have increased a lot but the demand for idols has too increased.

"More than Viswakarma puja demand for idols in Ganesh puja has increased in the state recently. As lots of orders are coming for Ganesh idols, I have taken the works for my livelihood. Not expecting much profits out of it but as due to Covid people are facing losses already, it's okay to expect accordingly", said the artisan who was making Netaji Play Forum's Ganesh idol.   
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