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Tripura ADC Poll : 'Election was Rigged but still Voters have proven that they are Ready to fight for Democracy', Says Congress
TIWN April 7, 2021
Tripura ADC Poll : 'Election was Rigged but still Voters have proven that they are Ready to fight for Democracy', Says Congress
PHOTO : Mandai polling booth disturbance after a Presiding Officer was accused for influencing voters. TIWN Pic April 6, 2021

AGARTALA, April 7 (TIWN): Rigging, threats, tyranny can always not win over truth and in Democracy, there is no bigger truth than Public opinion. After By-Polls, Lok Sabha Election in Tripura where BJP gained the majority by vote thefts, rigging, threatening oppositions, forcing them to surrender nominations, this time in ADC Poll, though rigging, intimidation were witnessed but at the same time, public fought back like never before after 3 years of BJP's rule. Reacting over this public reaction against rigging, Tripura Congress State President Pijush Biswas said, "Public have proven that they are ready to fight back". Pijush Biswas also criticized few polling personnel, police's roles which were not at all neutral in nature. "Public should be congratulated for their courage. People are now all set to fight for democracy. Our polling agents were threatened to leave booths and in some places BJP rushed with bikes, started chaos and also were mass beaten". In many places, BJP leaders, activists had to leave the ground out of public protest and rigging was stopped. 

Even as per local newspapers reports, BJP MP Pratima Bhowmik, who also won in Lok Sabha election through rigging, yesterday escaped with escorts from a polling centre as she had no function to go in that ADC polling centre. Public allegedly suspected that she went to capture booth as Pratima Bhowmik is known as the epicenter of BJP's all wrongdoings including rigging, giving murder threats to even IPS officers. TIWN YouTube Link, Congress President Pijush Biswas's statement

Pijush Biswas added that in some places police did a good job and should be praised. He also alleged, in a booth in front of the Presiding Officer a Congress agent was beaten by BJP but nothing happened against the BJP poll workers and it happened in more places including indulging in activities like fake vote casting by BJP. 

"BJP's main target was South Tripura and goons were hired from Agartala mostly. However, their plan was successful at a certain level but the target could not be achieved fully. It is proven that BJP has no support in ADC areas and thus all goons were hired from Agartala", Pijush Biswas told the media after ADC Poll was completed. 

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