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In Stamped Paper, Minister Mebar Jamatia Declared himself 'falsely' as 'Homeless', 'Landless', 'BPL' Category while seeking Land from SDM : But Ratanlal Nath claims 'No Scam'
TIWN March 26, 2021
In Stamped Paper, Minister Mebar Jamatia Declared himself 'falsely' as 'Homeless', 'Landless', 'BPL' Category while seeking Land from SDM : But Ratanlal Nath claims 'No Scam'
PHOTO : Mebar Jamatia's application (Left), Ministr Mebar Jamatia, Minister Ratanlall Nath (Right)

AGARTALA, March 26 (TIWN): Everything is possible in JUMLA-Era and thus after the massive corruption of Mebar Jamatia was exposed in his own letter written in a stamped paper to SDM seeking land for him, was denied by Minister Ratanlal Nath to accept it as corruption at all. Mebar Jamatia in his signed paper wrote, "I am a homeless, landless person and belong to BPL family". Being a Minister, Mebar Jamatia's such a statement though has shocked the whole state but Tripura Law Minister says, it is not a scam and also claimed 'Ratanlal Nath had followed the procedure'. Law Minister Ratanlal Nath just went "Crazy" after opposition sought Chief Minister's clarification on Mebar Jamatia's Land-Scam. However, when Ratanlal Nath said that it is not a scam as Mebar Jamatia followed the Govt process, Mebar Jamatia said that he had no idea who has written the letter to SDM seeking land in his name. 

He said, he will inquire the matter but today Assembly Session was rocked by chaos, fights and Speaker was bound to adjourn the Assembly after opposition started massive protest inside the house.

Among all, it was Ratanlal Nath who lost all control over his anger and started shouting and called opposition "Shameless".

Ratanlal Nath's such arrogance has raised questions, whether Ratanlal Nath also involved in such scams ?

The allegation against Minister Mebar Jamatia was that being not economically poor and eligible for land (patta), the IPFT Mebar Jamatia wrote letter to a local officer at subdivisional level with his signature to allocate land for him which belongs to a Forest area.

Then official also requested the DM further for it but it was objected by the DM and in a letter to Special Secretary to the Revenue Dept of Tripura DM clearly mentioned that the Minister does not come under the required criteria for land-benefits. Centering this news, opposition CPI-M raised voice in the Assembly and then chaos erupted in the Assembly led the speaker to adjourn the Assembly for 10 minutes (Principal officer of Revenue Usha Ranjan Debbarma first wrote the letter with requisition of Land for the Minister which was later moved from DM, SDM, Special Secretary to the Govt of Tripura, Revenue Dept).

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