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Congress demands Jobs for 10323 teachers
TIWN Sep 24, 2020
Congress demands Jobs for 10323 teachers
PHOTO : 10323 Teachers protesting (File Photo)

AGARTALA, Sep 24 (TIWN): Tripura Congress President Pijush Biswas on Thursday has lashed out at the BJP led State Govt over its total failure to secure the terminated 10323 teachers' livelihoods who were promised before the Assembly Election 2018 to give a "permanent solution" of their uncertain situations. Reacting over Education Minister Ratanlal Nath's statement about the State Govt is giving age-relaxations to the 10323 teachers, Congress President Pijush Biswas has said, "Why is this Govt acting as if, it is doing some charity on the 10323 teachers ? The Govt is bound to allocate age-relaxation to the 10323 teachers as per Supreme Court's order". "In Vision Document BJP promised many things to 10323 teachers and the unemployed youths but today it's totally failed to keep its promise", he said.

"Now SC has clearly said that Govt would have no problem to give jobs to 10323 teachers in other posts. Instead of giving them new jobs, the BJP Govt is self-propagating that they  it has given age-relaxation to the 10323 teachers. But in reality, it is SC's order. I would say, from COVID control to unemployment reduction, this Govt is totally failure and must resign now", said Biswas. 

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