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DSO remembers Freedom Fighter Pritilata Waddedar
TIWN Sep 24, 2020
DSO remembers Freedom Fighter Pritilata Waddedar
PHOTO : DSO paid tribute to Freedom Fighter Pritilata Waddedar. TIWN Pic Sep 24, 2020

AGARTALA, Sep 24 (TIWN): All India Democratic Students' Organisation (DSO) has paid tribute to Pritilata Waddedar.

The DSO members paid tribute to Pritilata Waddedar at Postoffice Chowmuhani on Thursday morning.They paid tribute to her as a remembrance of her death anniversary.

She was influenced by Rani Laxmi Bai’s story in nationalism from her teacher Usha she was inspired from Master Da Surya Sen in her school life.When she was Headmistress of a school, Master Da selected her as the team leader.  
Pritilata went to Kotowali Sea Side for arms training and made the plan of their attack them there.They decided to attack the club on 23rd  September 1932. On the day of the attack, Pritilata dressed herself as  Panjabi male but that night was her last night.
She went to Kotowali Sea Side for arms training and chalking out plans to organizede Gueriella attack on European Club at the hill side Chittagong. On the auspicious and eventful night 24th September 1932 she along with her Comrades plugned into attacking the club and stormed it. She succumbed bullet injury while fleeing away after the successful attack and embraced death by swalloing Cynide capsule (that she always kept with her) in order not to be captured by ruthless British police and army personnel Then she was a mere youth of 21. The sacrifice of her incited spirits in many women with patriotic revolutionary feeling which enriched the arm struggle in the following years.
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