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TSR Jawans celebrate Biswakarma Puja
TIWN Sep 17, 2020
TSR Jawans celebrate Biswakarma Puja
PHOTO : TSR Jawans celebrate Biswakarma Puja. TIWN Pic Sep 17, 2020

AGARTALA, Sep 17 (TIWN): Tripura State Rifles (TSR) 2nd Bn has celebrated Viswakarma puja like every year.

At different parts of the state, devotees celebrated Lord Vishwakarma Puja with pomp and deity.

Light gathering of devotees have been followed in Puja pandals at many places of Agartala city and devotees offered special prayers and tributes to their God.

The gathering was light due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to Vishwakarma Puja, offices, school and colleges observed hoilday, although Engineering colleges celebrate puja at College premises.

However,shop-keepers and factory workers also celebrated Vishwakarma puja on Friday. The pandals are mostly decorated with flowers and other excessories. Craftsmen, carpenters and other skilled laborers also prayed to Vishwakarma to increase their productivity  in work. People also found flying kites at city.

Vishwakarma is regarded as one of the fourteen precious things born of the Samudhra manthan. He is believed to have constructed the holy city of Dwarka which was ruled by Lord Krishna. Vishwakarma is also regarded as the divine carpenter and architect in Rig Veda.

In many factory premises puja pandles were gathered by people from children to grown-ups all were found to celebrate Vishwakarma Puja with full enthusiasm.

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