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AMC 44-No Road left in deplorable condition
TIWN Sep 16, 2020
AMC 44-No Road left in deplorable condition
PHOTO : AMC 44-No Road in deplorable condition. TIWN Pic Sep 16, 2020

AGARTALA, Sep 16 (TIWN): “We are paying tax but receiving no development in return”, local people of kabar tilla staged protest over deplorable road condition.

Local people of Kabar Tilla under AMC 44no ward staged protest as the road of their locality left in deplorable condition after municipality’s half-completed work.
Allegedly, a team of municipality after making a drain left the place without completing the whole work, resulting a pathetic condition of the road. One old lady complained that she fell in the drain in night and got herself injured. The road left in such a condition that no vehicle can move, alleged the locals.

One person said to the media, "We are paying tax to the government yet receiving no development in return. The government is not taking initiative to develop our locality. Then why are we even paying tax?”The local people sought immediate initiative from the AMC to repair the road as soon as possible

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