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Tussle between 10323 teachers and police at Education office
TIWN Sep 3, 2020
Tussle between 10323 teachers and police at Education office
PHOTO : Police deployed before Education Office to stop 10323 teachers protests. TIWN Pic Sep 3, 2020

AGARTALA, Sep 3 (TIWN): 10323 teacher's association 'Amra 10323' on Thursday went to Siksha Bhawan to place deputation, but faced police as State Govt had ordered police to stop the teachers.

Reportedly, on 3rd September few members of the terminated teacher's association "Amra 10323" went to place deputation to director of Education Department of Tripura and they also urged the government to help those terminated teachers who are in a dire condition and can't afford their treatment.

While addressing media, one member of 'Amra 10323' said, "As we all know that the government collects an amount of money from the teachers every year on account of Country's former president Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. The collected money goes to 'teacher welfare fund' for the welfare of the department and its teachers. Today we came here with the demand of helping the terminated teachers who are running out of money and can't even afford their medicines and left with no other options than dying without treatment."

"In last 10 days, we lost 10 terminated teachers and we have the list. We are not getting a single penny since last 5-6 months. The government is giving us only words but the implementation of those promises couldn't be seen yet. In such conditions, some terminated teachers are suffering under severe mental pressure and dying without treatment as they left with no money . We wanted the government to find out those teachers and help them with money from the collected fund and thus we came here to place the deputation. But Tripura Police tried to stop use and warned about arresting all of us if we don't stop our curriculum." He added.

The terminated teacher further said, "Is it our fault that we lost our job? Did we snatch the offer letter from anyone's home? Government gave us the job then why are we suffering ?”

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