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'Criticism is not a Contempt' : Tripura Human Rights Commission
TIWN Aug 23, 2020
'Criticism is not a Contempt' : Tripura Human Rights Commission
PHOTO : Tripura Human Rights Commission protested against SC's verdict in Prashant Bhushan Case. TIWN Pic Aug 23, 2020

AGARTALA / NEW DELHI, Aug 23 (TIWN): Senior Lawyer of Supreme Court Prashant Bhushan’s fight for Citizens’ Rights hailed by Tripura Human Rights Organization, condemning Supreme Court’s verdict against Prashant Bhushan after he tweeted criticism on Supreme Court.

Addressing media, Senior Advocate of Tripura High Court, Purushottom Roy Barman said, “The verdict given by Supreme Court in Prashant Bhushan case is not justice. We, the Human Rights Organization is concerned about the verdict. We can’t accept this verdict which snatches Freedom of Speech. We are raising our demand before the Supreme Court that this verdict should be reviewed and it should be cancelled immediately. As a common citizen one has right to criticize the Supreme Court or its verdict. Criticism can never be contempt of Court. Supreme Court should stand beside the people and save human rights, citizens rights and democracy can be strengthened through the Supreme Court only. We want Supreme Court to be stronger. It should establish rule of law in the country. Supreme Court must safeguard people’s Freedom of Speech, rather than snatching”.

“Unfortunately, Prashant Bhushan’s tweets were labeled as contempt whereas people should have right to criticize and criticism only strengthen the justice system. When Govts want to snatch human rights, people go to the Supreme Court. We still have trust on Supreme Court. It must review its decision as it is hampering Supreme Court’s image also”, said Purushottom Roy Barman.

He mentioned, it’s a positive side that people across India are supporting Prashant Bhushan and even the Attorney General is also supporting him.

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