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IGM Hospital again under massive controversy after rejecting patient's admission
TIWN Aug 22, 2020
IGM Hospital again under massive controversy after rejecting patient's admission
PHOTO : Patient was rejected to get treatment in IGM hospital. TIWN Pic Aug 22, 2020

AGARTALA, Aug 22 (TIWN): With seriously injured wife, husband roamed from GB to IGM hospitals, these two are Tripura Govt’s biggest hospitals. The physically assaulted, injured patient was brought to the IGM hospital today, after she was referred from Sabroom to Udaipur and then GB hospital, but in Bed Crisis, in the GB hospital Trauma centre, the patient could not be admitted, as per the allegation of the patient party. Today, the helpless husband brought her to IGM hospital at morning 6.30 AM, but instead of giving her primary health care, medicines, IGM hospital rejected to admit the patient saying, she is a patient of GB hospital, asking why IGM hospital would admit her ? The husband was seen crying outside the IGM hospital with his sub-conscious wife as the hospital neither admit her nor provided ambulance to refer her to a better hospital. This incident happened one day after the report came where a pregnant woman delivered baby outside the IGM hospital as no staffs touched her claiming COVID-Positive.

On being asked, the Doctor on duty could not answer anything properly. The only thing he said, she is a patient of GB and generated argument with media person. Around 10 to 12 media houses today covered the IGM incident and among them with one of the media persons, the heated argument generated with the Doctor. Tripura Govt's IGM hospital did not admit a serious patient.. Patient Party's statement. TIWN YouTube Video Aug 22, 2020

The IGM Doctor on duty however mentioned about orthopedic shortage in the hospital (statement on video record below), whereas in GB they did not get bed even, although GB's Trauma Centre was suggested for her from Emergency. So the blame also goes to the infrastructure and management too as Doctors alone can not solve all issues when they are working with loaded numbers of patients. IGM Hospital, Doctor's statement : No acceptance of 'guilt' by Doctor amid patient left outside, continues to claim that the patient should be taken to GB. TIWN YouTube Video Aug 22, 2020

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