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‘Speak Govt, Speak’, urged Terminated 10323 Teachers seeking clear stand of Tripura Govt about 10323 Teachers Recruitment
TIWN Aug 21, 2020
‘Speak Govt, Speak’, urged Terminated 10323 Teachers seeking clear stand of Tripura Govt about 10323 Teachers Recruitment
PHOTO : 10323 teachers held press meet, sought breaking of Govt's silence. TIWN Pic Aug 21, 2020

AGARTALA, Aug 21 (TIWN): Terminated 10323 teachers lashed out Tripura BJP Govt’s silence-politics requesting it to speak up about what is going on in its mind and what is the plan for 10323 teachers. Addressing media, "Amra 10323" organization's teachers mentioned how police stopped them to post banners on walls citing how other gatherings are everyday made, suppressing only the voice of 10323 teachers. Former teacher Dalia Das said, “As per Supreme Court’s verdict, there is no more obstruction to give jobs to the 10323 teachers. We have only one question, when due to depression we are losing one after one teachers, how many deaths are needed for our justice ? We request the State Govt to speak by breaking the silence. We are the sons and daughters of this state. If we continue to die, does it look good ? To the CM and Education Minister, our request is to permanently recruit us as Supreme Court has lifted the objections now”.

The teachers demands are : 1) As the Govt promised about our permanent jobs, so Govt must act on this immediately, 2) Keep your promise and recruit the terminated teachers, 3) Total 63 teachers died and to provide give jobs to their families.

The teachers also mentioned, how they are physically attacked often. 'Don't try to create fight between Unemployed Youths and 10323 teachers because you promised about 50,000 Govt jobs for them......', said terminated 10323 teachers to politicians. TIWN YouTube Video Aug 21, 2020

“Our poster-campaigning was stopped by police. In whole India, we don’t know whether any such rule exists. Can’t we place our demands ?”, added a former teacher.

They have also said, this is very wrong to make the unemployed youths angry whenever 10323 teachers raise voice, saying, for unemployed youths already Govt promised about 50,000 Govt jobs. 10323 teachers requested CM Biplab Deb, Education Minister Ratanlal Nath to break 'silence' on 10323 teachers recruitment. TIWN YouTube Video Aug 21, 2020

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