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Suspension of Doctors cause statewide resentment
TIWN Aug 6, 2020
Suspension of Doctors cause statewide resentment
PHOTO : Doctors protested over suspension of colleague. TIWN Pic Aug 5, 2020

AGARTALA, Aug 6 (TIWN): BJP’s MLA Sudip Barman’s visit to the Bhagat Singh COVID-19 Care Centre on August 2nd although turned a big political controversy in Tripura and caused storms of infighting in the BJP Govt itself, caused suffocating situations for Officials and Doctors, but at the same time with unavoidable reality, his visit was important and exposed state’s paralyzed health services in COVID-19 Care Centres as earlier also similar complaints came from various parts of the state. Infact, after Dr. Uttam Bhattacharjee’s suspension, while Doctors were agitating at GB hospital on Wednesday, they mentioned, Bhagat Singh COVID-19 Care Centre and all Care Centres need Medicine Doctors but Dr. Uttam Bhattacharjee is an Eye-Specialist, but still he was doing his duties.

Viral videos during Sudip Barman’s visit showed how patients are complaining to the MLA on 2nd August, about deficiency of the medical arrangement at there which failed to provide medicine to a high blood pressure suffering woman unlike hospitals.  

Law Minister Ratanlal Nath too insulted a pregnant mother saying she came in live video in protest in Bhagat Singh COVID-19 Care Centre as “Publicity Stunt” whereas MLA Sudip Barman’s visit bared the real ongoing situations over there.

Whereas Ratanlal Nath asked, why other patients are not complaining, then it was seen that amid MLA Sudip Barman's visit all patients came jointly in voice against the mismanagement. COVID-19 Patients complaining to MLA Sudip Barman about Bhagat Singh Care Centre's bad condition. TIWN YouTube Video Aug 2, 2020

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