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In the ruling BJP Govt members’ Ego-Clashes Doctors, Bureaucrats situations are suffocating in Tripura
TIWN Aug 5, 2020
In the ruling BJP Govt members’ Ego-Clashes Doctors, Bureaucrats situations are suffocating in Tripura
PHOTO : DM West Sadeep Mahatme (Left), Suspended Doctor Uttam Bhattacharjee (Right). TIWN Photos.

AGARTALA, Aug 5 (TIWN): In the Political egos between MLAs, Ministers and Chief Minister, the officials and Doctors situations are very pathetic amid COVID-19.

From DM West Sandeep Mahatme to GB hospital Doctors, nobody is in peace and a fear is mongering among everyone. The fear is basically about “suspension”, “charges” and even “fabricated cases”.

Such crisis situation earlier was never seen in this state but under two and half years of the Biplab Deb Govt, the things have turned worst. Even at the Political level also, nothing is organized and ruling party leaders often were seen attacked, beaten and few left the party already. In social media bullying also, the ruling party has gone at peak against each-other. TIWN YouTube Video, Doctors Protest

Whereas DM West was bound to issue an order asking MLA Sudip Barman to go for quarantine, he had to clarify it further as Sudip Barman was not COVID-19 positive. But even after he okayed Home Quarantine for the MLA who entered Bhagat Singh COVID-19 Care centre, still Godi media pressured for Institutional Quarantine on the next day.

Now, to please the Govt, officials have one option that is to break the laws, but again it may put them in trouble in the court of law. As a result, the situation is suffocating for the officials on duty.

Now, in the same case, a Doctor has been suspended led mass protest by Doctors as the level tolerance has surpassed.

As a result, instead of focusing on development and COVID-19 crisis situation, the officials are tensed with such chaos led by the ruling Govt's members.

“We are risking our lives. If such suspensions go on, then Doctors will lose their morality. It is not fair. A public representative went to the Bhagat Singh COVID-19 Care Centre and the Doctor just assisted him. This is his duty. Nothing was wrong in that !”, said an agitating senior Doctor who participated in the protest for withdrawal of suspension order against Doctor Uttam Bhattacharjee.

The Doctors also condemned the four accused persons’ receiving bails in the “Spitting on Doctors incident”. Another Doctor Nishtha Das was also humiliated by Gomati DM Tarun Kanti Majumder on August 2nd during a raid and he insulted the lady Doctor for other Doctor’s fault, although she had no fault.


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