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Pathetic ! 7 month’s pregnant woman cries, begs on live video for State Govt’s help from Tripura Bhagat Singh COVID-19 Care Centre
TIWN Aug 1, 2020

AGARTALA, Aug 1 (TIWN): In a pathetic note, a 7 month’s pregnant mother has begged, cried, broke down in tears in a live video from Bhagat Singh COVID-19 Care Centre. Expressing helpessness over the situation, the woman revealed “brave” for her baby within her as no proper food, no treatment, she was receiving in the COVID-19 Care Centre. In the live video, she has given handproofs of the existing situation of the COVID-19 care cente, where foods were seen rotten, no cleanliness, pathetic bathroom condition, heaps of plastic bottles, dirt across. Crying in the live video, the woman said, “Whether people would die in COVID-19 disease, it can not be said, but living in such situation can surely cause deaths. I am bound to do this live for the sake of my baby only. I pray to God, no pregnant woman should suffer like this. Nobody gets Corona in Tripura”.

On Day-1, I was kept in ambulance for 4 hours and still I kept the patience. From IGM, I was tested positive. With lots of courage, I have come here, thought, Govt will give me proper care. But coming to the real ground, experience is horrifying”, she said.

“Nothing I ate. At 9.30 pm they will give food but that is only puri, sabji. I can’t eat them. I am not alone. I have my baby inside me. From my home, they sent some food. I only could eat an egg”, she added.

Her video went viral in social media, exposing Tripura Health Service and COVID-19 management’s real situation, erupted massive angers among the public.

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