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Tripura Govt left people quarantined without supplying rations, food : Massive protest staged in Anandanagar to bang on Govt’s deaf ears
TIWN Aug 1, 2020

AGARTALA, Aug 1 (TIWN): South Anandanagar locals staged a massive protest, who were sealed after people in their area were tested Coronavirus positive. Agitating against Govt’s negligence to provide sufficient ration and food, the locals have bashed the Govt asking, whether it has thought about the people’s two times meals ? Govt has sealed the area after in last 4 days, 2 persons were tested positive. Total 49 families are affected from the decision but as no food supplies were sent to the area, they have staged massive agitation seeking Govt’s immediate help. An old woman slamming the State Govt said, “We have nothing in our homes. We don’t have chillis, onion, muri, rice and anything ! If they Govt does not allow us to do marketing or at least send some rations for us, how would we manage ? It seems, Govt has plan to kill us by not giving food and if we die, then they will say, we died in Corona disease”

Another woman has said, “Our children are crying for tiffin, but I have nothing in home. Even the biscuit packet is over. How would we live ? Has the Govt ever though about all these ?”

“Corona will not kill but they will kill us by not giving food”, said a local. Sealed South Anandanagar locals protesting for food. TIWN Video Aug 1, 2020


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