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State Government's poorly planned sealed areas left without food and other essential commodities
TIWN Aug 1, 2020

AGARTALA, Aug 1 (TIWN): Tripura's BJP government led administration failed to provide the least basics of life to the people amid Pandemic. The people of South Anandanagar sealed area are left without sufficient food and essential commodities for last 4-5 days. Around 49 families that falls under the sealed area, are starving without enough food.

On Saturday the locals of South Anandanagar staged massive protest for food amid lockdown. The agitators alleged that no food has been supplied to them since they are been sealed after two persons found Covid positive.
One old woman said, "There's nothing left in our house to eat, no rice, onions, chillies, muri. Here the government restricted us from going out, from working. Now how will we get money to feed our stomachs?"
Another woman alleged, "My child is starving without food. If I go out to buy something for him, they put objections. Does the government want us to die without food?"
"The government will not provide us any food, they have restricted all the ways of income. How will we survive now?" Said the lady.
This pathetic scenario of empty stomachs reveal Biplab Deb led Tripura Government's failure in providing the basics to the people of this state. The experts have bashed the government saying, "Poorly planned lockdown won't save the people from Coronavirus, but it will kill them without food."
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