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‘Gram-Garib-Krishak’ is our first priority, says Minister Ratanlal Nath
TIWN June 2, 2020
‘Gram-Garib-Krishak’ is our first priority, says Minister Ratanlal Nath
PHOTO : Law Minister Ratanlal Nath addressing media. TIWN Pic June 2, 2020

AGARTALA, June 2 (TIWN): Law Minister Ratanlal Nath on Monday said that Tripura Govt’s first priority is ‘Gram-Garib-Krishak’.

He said that from PM Modi’s scheme total 3 lakhs 5 thousand 160 farmers already got their Rs. 2000 with expenditure of Rs. 41.02 crores. More, Rs. 125.02 crores to be expended for 2 lakhs 10 thousand famers in a total of 4 lakhs 15 thousand 160 farmers.

To enable the farmers to be economically stable, Tripura Govt has bought 3.60 kilo of rice from the farmers.

To do this, a cost of Rs. 66.53 lakhs came under the expenditure of the State Govt, said Law Minister Ratanlal Nath.

However, he said, the process of purchasing rice is underway and the number will be increased.

Nath told media that in 2020-21, including subsidy, farmers will be benefited with Rs. 1682 crores 44 lakhs.

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