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‘Politicians are powerful because you are weak’ : Tripura BJP MLA tells public
TIWN Feb 28, 2020
‘Politicians are powerful because you are weak’ : Tripura BJP MLA tells public
PHOTO : Dr. Dilip Das addressing on National Science Day at Sukanta Academy. TIWN Pic Feb 28, 2020

AGARTALA / NEW DELHI, Feb 28 (TIWN): Tripura BJP MLA Dr. Dilip Das who came in massive controversy after his neck-deep support to police brutality after West Agartala PS’s Sushanta Ghosh's alleged murder incident, however appealed for strong voices to benefit the democracy.

While addressing in a programme, in an auditorium full of students, Dr Dilip Das said that why the politicians are so powerful ? They are powerful because public are weak.

He further appealed students to study more and gather more knowledge to become stronger so that they are able to raise their voices.

The ultimate power is the masses and educated section, said Dilip Das.  BJP MLA Dilip Das indirectly alleged that wrong group of people Governing the country. TIWN Video Feb 28, 2020

“Unless you understand that you are the most power till then, the country can not move into the correct direction. The Educated group are trying become Doctors and Engineers but not politicians and as a result the other group is ruling the country. Ultimately you are suffering”, said Dilip Das.

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