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Commodity price hikes, losses blow small scale businessmen with Crisis situations : Slowdown hits markets in Tripura
TIWN Jan 19, 2020
Commodity price hikes, losses blow small scale businessmen with Crisis situations : Slowdown hits markets in Tripura
PHOTO : A shop-keeper selling food items at Agartala. TIWN Pic Jan 19, 2020

AGARTALA, Jan 19 (TIWN): It was found during economic surveys based on public comments that from Rickshaw drivers to tea sellers in the capital city Agartala, all have complaints of slowdown and loss in business, inability to pay off the loans taken from Banks like Bandhan Banks, the Bank which turned poor people's reliable investment path once. Along with MGNREGA works' massive downs under the ruling BJP Govt in Tripura, worklessness situations have hit the daily earners’ lives here. The regular rickshaw drivers who are paying Rs. 200 per day the rickshaw owners are unable to earn Rs. 300 per day, said survey in the capital city Agartala whereas in rural and semi-urban areas the situation is worse. Same conditions are being faced by vegetable, fruits, flower sellers in the city. As slowdown affected the common men and businessmen, so workers’ demands are too at low, witnesses a massive decrease of demand of daily workers by households and businessmen.

TIWN has  been surveying the economic situations of the state focusing in the capital town but so far only frustrations and distresses were reported. Markets were surveyed where around hundreds of workers were seen didn’t get any work whereas even before 2 years, the situation was completely different for the state. 

On that time, workers demands were high, wages were high and also MGNREGA and other Govt works were given at a large number. Before 2 years, not only workers’ wages were higher than now and a competition was seen between the people to catch the workers but today workers are in wait hours after hours but demand of workers heavily downed. 

“There are multiple problems and various crisis situations which are being faced by us leading unhappiness in our families. Even we are unable to fee our babies properly and they keep on crying after we return empty hands. When worklessness is high, wages are low. Hardly out of 5 days one day we are managing to get a work", said a daily worker.

A woman in search of work said, “We are coming and going and so much of fares are paying but the ultimate result is crisis and poverty. No work, no peace at home, what to do ? Where should we go ?"

The women further alleged, few workers from Bangladesh come everyday and take works at low rate snatching the work-opportunities further.

Another man who also didn't get any work said, "Commodity prices are too high and no work on the top of that. Only Govt employees now can survive. At all scale, the working class's conditions are miserable now.

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