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Tripura’s unemployment 27.6%, highest in India but BJP Govt claims a ‘Knock Down’ by ‘Job Creators
TIWN Jan 17, 2020
Tripura’s unemployment 27.6%, highest in India but BJP Govt claims a ‘Knock Down’ by ‘Job Creators
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AGARTALA, Jan 17 (TIWN): CMIE’s monthly data has topped Tripura in unemployment rate once again with 28.6%. After Tripura, it is Haryana which is the second topper in unemployment rate with 27.6% unemployment rate. But, on the other side, being unable to provide promised 50,000 Govt jobs in first one year and keep almost promises given before Assembly Election 2018, BJP left with no other option except claiming tall during speech and leaders continue to claim a “knock down” of unemployment with increasing job creators. Thus Chief Minister Biplab Deb has continues his claim that there is no job-crisis in Tripura and youths have happily chosen to become job creators instead of running after Govt jobs. When Tripura tops in unemployment rate according to CMIE report, CM said, from 7.5 lakhs the unemployment rate under BJP era has downed to 1.70 lakhs as many became job-creators.Deb said that when under CPI-M era, the unemployment rate was 7.50 lakhs now, it is downed to 1.70 lakhs in last 21 months of BJP Govt.

Nationally unemployment rate is 7.7% which is also very high CMIE, or Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, is a leading business information company. It was established in 1976, primarily as an independent think tank. This is Asia’s most reliable data agency.Joblessness is increasing due to pause in the recruitments under the Govt Depts.

Tripura’s BJP Chief Minister Biplab Deb himself said that merely 2303 jobs were given this year terming Govt jobs are burdens for the State Govt and Tripura is no more dependent upon Govt jobs.

Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb recently while addressing at Prajapita Brahmakumari programme exposed his own Govt and JUMLA party by leaking the actual data about Government jobs which were totally given in last 20 months.

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