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Economic Drought all over the State Tripura
TIWN Jan 9, 2020
Economic Drought all over the State Tripura
PHOTO : A poor family in Tripura ADC areas. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Jan 9 (TIWN): The unravelling of ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has begun and the popularity wave on which it came into power in 2014 is waning. Against the backdrop of the Dalit’s protests, farmers’ agitation, economic droughts, workless situation, no job creation for unemployed, high profile fraud cases, severe angst and hatred has developed amongst the people of the state for the ruling BJP under Biplab Deb’s governance. The BJP before coming into power lured the people with a bundle of FAKE promises. Severe resentment prevails among the frustrated people who can be very disruptive of a democracy.

The people disagree on many social issues-from religion, police reform, language to opportunities for communities, reservations and reverse discrimination policies of the BJP government. All these problems come to the Supreme Court. Every decision of the Supreme Court is then challenged on the streets.
Polit Bureau member and Ex- CM Manik Sarkar said the people of Tripura are not satisfied with the change they have brought casting their votes in favour of saffron Party, and thus urged his party workers to reach out to people with the real perspective of the state.
Critical state of affairs across markets in rural and urban bodies, workless situation prevailing all over the country, Youths are directionless, No-customer, No-sale like situations, generating an economic disaster all over the state. Down in rural economy, pause in  MGNREGA work- flows, price-hikes added by slash of daily worker’s hits the citizens.

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