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From Year-2018 to 2020 : West Agartala PS under OC-Subrata Chakraborty turns BJP’s False case factory, deserves award on ‘Fake Case Research & how to misuse IPCs’
TIWN Jan 6, 2020
From Year-2018 to 2020 : West Agartala PS under OC-Subrata Chakraborty turns BJP’s False case factory, deserves award on ‘Fake Case Research & how to misuse IPCs’
PHOTO : Left : Ex-Minister Badal Choudhury taken out of ILS hospital on 30th October, 2019, Right : Congress activist Arindam Bhattacharjee produced before Court on January 5, 2020. TIWN Photos.

AGARTALA, Jan 6 (TIWN): From arrest of one daily worker Dipak Debnath in 2018, November after sharing news item to various fake cases throughout 2019 against opposition leaders, activists and Govt criticizing journalists, editors and also editor, case against Ex-Minister Badal Choudhury till the last case against Congress activists Arindam Bhattacharjee and his arrest, all the fake cases against citizens are filed in the West Agartala Police Station led by West Agartala PS OC-Subrata Chakraborty.

This police station truly deserves an award for its police officials deep research how to misuse various IPCs to harass the common men, neitizens and even non-BJP top leaders.Badal Choudhury’s case was one of the top cases where from ILS hospital Badal Choudhury was brought and pushed in lock up for few minutes and compelled him to sit with a thief, followed by leaking the lock-up CCTV footage to BJP IT cell workers on 30th October, 2019. In case of and various journalists of State, it was West Agartala PS OC-Subrata Chakraborty who has been handling the issues to please the ruling BJP party.

On yesterday after Congress activist Arindam Bhattacharjee got interim bail Congress leader Subal Bhomwik commented, when public lost its trust on judiciary with this judgementm once again, faith on judicial system has been restored today. In an expected judgement and major blow for Tripura BJP and its slave police, Court has rejected police remand plea in Arindam Bhattacharjee case who was arrested on yesterday night from his home by West Agartala Police over an anti-BJP facebook post. Police arrested him after one Victor Shome, who is BJP media cell head filed a case in West PS.

Now let’s us know little background of West PS OC Subrata Chakraborty, whose promotion was stopped in an order from the High Court of Tripura back in 2014.

West PS OC Subrata Chakraborty is a career liar fraud Police officer who infamously cried in High Court in 2014 after his false, fabricated statements against his illegal act of arresting a Judicial Magistrate Motom Debbarma was exposed.

Subrata Chakraborty was to lose his Job but by crying in High Court, he begged forgiveness for commiting perjury in 2014.

Chief Justice Deepak Gupta punished this liar Police officer by stopping his 4 promotions and fining cash which is still being deducted from his monthly salary.

Perjury means the offense of willfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation.

OC West Subrata Chakraborty's past perjury, false statements in High Court in 2014. 

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