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3 physically challenged brothers on verge of deaths, Tripura Govt remains cruel to help
TIWN Jan 6, 2020
3 physically challenged brothers on verge of deaths, Tripura Govt remains cruel to help
PHOTO : Various BJP leaders, MLA, MP, Minister in media publicity with the Divyang boys. TIWN Photos.

AGARTALA, Jan 6 (TIWN): Under the BJP led State and Central Govt drama with physically challenged people remain on peak, even PM Modi asked public to call them “divyang” but practically when its comes about responsibility, Govt doesn’t bother.

Reportedly, on 4th January a local news channel reported about their problems and following that various more news channels had done the same, but till now no help was given by the Govt of Tripura.

The family said that they are in very pathetic condition and one of their brothers is on the verges of death and all of them may die if similar situations and crisis are going on.

They wrote a letter to the BJP Govt before one year, left without any response from the Government.

In between, Minister of Social Welfare Dept Santana Chakma assured them total help but nothing she did at all. Not a single wheel chair was given to them.

They also requested MLA Ramprasad Pal, but nothing happened there also.

The family demanded a Govt job so that they can exist in this cruel world but the Govt failed to give saying no job can be given. Then they sought a little place for them so that they can stay there but no help in this regard too.

MP Pratima Bhowmik also clearly told them that no job can be given and she left. 

However, in case of publicity and photo-sessions, BJP leaders did a lot with them. 

They are unable to pay the rent of the house also and thus sought help from common men. Their number is : 918974962333.

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