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Terminated 10323 teachers to stage protest at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar, 2 teachers died in last 2 days
TIWN Jan 5, 2020
Terminated 10323 teachers to stage protest at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar, 2 teachers died in last 2  days
PHOTO : 10323 teachers holding protest. TIWN File Photo.

NEW DELHI / AGARTALA, Jan 5 (TIWN): Two teachers died in last 2 days in Tripura amongst terminated 10323 teachers. With ad-hoc tenure’s end is ahead, the teachers died due to tension in heart attack. The teachers have been identified as Sabendra Reang, resident of Durba Bari, Santir Bazar, South Tripura and Dipankar Bhowmik, resident of Jolaibari, South Tripura, said media reports. With his passing away, 10323 teachers are once again under massive tension and fueling in resentment.Under SC’s verdict the teachers to lose their jobs on 31st March, 2020.

10323 teachers who are now employed as ad-hoc till March 31st, 2020, have paid tribute to their demised colleagues who lost their lives due to tension about uncertain future. The teachers who lost their jobs in a verdict of High Court and then Supreme Court due to irregularities of their appointments, have demanded BJP Govt to fulfill its pre-poll given promise to the teachers. BJP before election promised 10323 teachers that the Govt will ensure their secure future and if necessary will change a portion of the Law. Also the teachers warned to go in massive protest if their demands are not fulfilled. The next protest will be staged at Jantar Mantar in Delhi in the January ending, announced Bimal Saha, a teacher among 10323. The last victim among the deceased teachers, came in December 24 report when 45 years old teacher Swapan Das who was suffering from continuous tensions due to uncertain future, died in Cerebellar stroke.He is not the first but many of the 10323 teachers died in heartattacks ahead of teachers’ tenure to be ended on March 31st, 2020.

Supreme Court had terminated the 10323 teachers jobs citing irregularities in the recruitment process. However, recently, Education Minister Ratanlal Nath before the 10323 teachers in the presence of media said that 10323 teachers’ livelihoods will be secured unless Ratanlal Nath dies in accident. Basically, he promised, if he is alive, nothing will happen to 10323 teachers. 

According to Supreme Court’s order the 10323 teachers of Tripura will lose their ad-hoc extension by 2020, March 31st.

The 10323 teachers fist lost their jobs in High Court’s verdict in 2014 due to irregularities in recruitment. Then the previous CPI-M led State Govt managed stay order on High Court’s order by appealing Supreme Court and after much delays in the hearings, finally Supreme Court also in 2017, March 29 terminated all the teachers but with humanitarian view Supreme Court permitted all the 10323 teachers to continue their jobs till and then BJP Govt once again appealed for extension citing reason for “teachers crisis”. At last the Supreme Court has allowed the 10323 teachers to continue their jobs till March 31st, 2017. 

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