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BJP MLAs led apolitical rally with massive support caused earthquake like condition inside party
TIWN Jan 4, 2020
BJP MLAs led apolitical rally with massive support caused earthquake like condition inside party
PHOTO : BJP MLA Sudip Barman, MLA Asish Saha led massive rally in Agartala. TIWN Pic Jan 3, 2020

AGARTALA, Jan 4 (TIWN): BJP MLA Sudip Roy has hoisted a massive apolitical rally in the capital city Agartala against alarming rapes in India. Along with Sudip Roy Barman, BJP MLA Asish Saha was too present as the organizers, thanked the massive numbers of supporters who came to join the rally beyond political boundary.

Addressing media, Sudip Barman has condemned his political partners who failed to think beyond party barriers and could not think neutrally.

Sudip Barman today asked media, whether all badmouthing done against him in last few days after he called rally and many intrigues including removal of banners, could they stop the people to come ? Sudip Barman also said, he never provided any vehicle to the rally participants, signaling yesterday’s forceful rally of BJP against his rally. Today Dr J K Debbarma, who served as Director of Health Services when Barman was the Health Ministry also joined the rally as it is not a political rally.

The BJP has created various hurdles from vehicle abandoning to house to house threatening asking not to join Sudip Barman’s rally. Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangha (BMS) members were appointed on national highway today to stop rally participants by identifying them from each and every vehicle so that they can not join the rally.

Barman said, all Govts want to decrease crimes against women and numbers of rapes, but my question is why even a single rape will happen ? He further said, no Govt alone can cure the rape-disease, but masses together can do this.

“If people are aware and we play our role then only this problem can be solved”, said Barmans taking last 16 years rape statistics of India saying everyday 67 rapes are happening in India.

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