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Breaking fear-factors of BJP's 21 months, Public beyond Political identities joined Sudip Barman’s Non-Political rally in Agartala, created ‘history’
TIWN Jan 3, 2020
Breaking fear-factors of BJP's 21 months, Public beyond Political identities joined Sudip Barman’s Non-Political rally in Agartala, created ‘history’
PHOTO : Sudip Barman's rally at Agartala. TIWN Pic Jan 3, 2020

AGARTALA, Jan 3 (TIWN): In Tripura’s political history 3rd January, 2020 will be remembered, the day when public beyond political identities, Govt employees, lawyers and various professions’ people joined an apolitical rally called by BJP MLA Sudip Barman, who has been called by BJP’s rebel by his party. MLA Asish Saha was too present with Sudip Barman, however, other leaders didn’t join due to fear for losing power. The rally was a voice against rape-virus from the society and Barman said, this is just the beginning of the protest rows. From stopping national media reporters to file Sudip Barman’s news by threatening, appointing BMS on road to stop vehicles who are coming to join Sudip Barman’s rally and creating lots of extra problems along with threatening house to house, public joined the rally cutting across any political belief and fearlessly joined the rally. This historical day would be marked as the end’s beginning of the saffron era just nationally has started. However, amid Much obstacles created by the BJP Party led by Chief Minister Biplab Deb and MP Pratima Bhowmik when their MLA Sudip Barman, who was earlier sacked from his Ministry in political ego-clash, called for an apolitical rally against the "Rape Culture" and abnormal mindset increasing against women, the rally turned a massive success and at the same time it has been marked as Biplab Deb's biggest jolt in last 21 months of BJP rule.

At the same time, it is jolt for Pratima Bhowmik and Biplab Deb's other company too who from the beginning played various intrigues against Sudip Barman from sacking him from Ministry to insult him during his tenure as a Minister. Sudip Barman today asked media, whether all badmouthing done against him in last few days after he called this rally and many intrigues including removal of banners, could they stop the people to come ? Sudip Barman also said, he never provided any vehicle to the rally participants, signaling yesterday’s forceful rally of BJP against his today's rally.

Today Dr J K Debbarma, who served as Director of Health Services when Barman was the Health Ministry also joined the rally as it is not a political rally. The rally was one of the biggest rallies of last 21 months. Click TIWN YouTube Link to see Sudip Barman's statement

The BJP has created various hurdles from vehicle abandoning to house to house threatening asking not to join Sudip Barman’s rally. Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangha (BMS) members were appointed on national highway today to stop rally participants by identifying them from each and every vehicle so that they can not join the rally.

Biplab Deb led BJP party has set a control room like setting to fail Sudip Barman’s rally, but all vanity ended when common men without political identity joined the rally courageously with one voice against the Rape Culture.

Sudip Barman voice for “Where the mind is without fear………” has successfully worked out to break the fears among the public. 

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