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Assam Youth arrested with Yaba tablets in Tripura
TIWN Jan 3, 2020
Assam Youth arrested with Yaba tablets in Tripura
PHOTO : Assam Youth arrested with Yaba tablets while smuggled from Tripura. TIWN Jan 3, 2020

DHARMANAGAR (North Tripura), Jan 3 (TIWN): One 22 years old Assam youth was arrested in Tripura today with huge numbers of Yaba tablets.

He was carrying the contraband items between Tripura and Assam. SP North Bhanupada Chakraborty talking to media. TIWN YouTube Video Jan 3, 2020

The 22 years old youth was arrested named Salei Ahmed, S/O-Taj Uddin, resident of Pathar Kandi.

Reportedly, SP North Bhanupada Chakraborty on Saturday getting informed via secret sources told Kadamtala OC-Krishnadhan Sarkar and asked to catch the smugglers. Then police nabbed him from Tarakpur border. 

Total 9,800 yaba tablets were seized from him and he said that per yaba tablet Rs. 500 is being taken from the consumers. 

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