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BJP’s political ally IPFT’s 12 hours Strike in Tripura in protest against Citizenship Amendment Bill : Picketers detained by Police
TIWN Dec 9, 2019
BJP’s political ally IPFT’s 12 hours Strike in Tripura in protest against Citizenship Amendment Bill : Picketers detained by Police
PHOTO : IPFT's protest against Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB). TIWN Pic Dec 9, 2019

AGARTALA, Dec 9 (TIWN): Ruling BJP’s political partner IPFT had started 12 hours strike in Tripura today from morning 6 O’Clock in voice against Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) which has proposed to accept foreigners in India who came due to religious torments from the neighboring countries as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afganistan. The protest across Tripura remained peaceful and democratic, whereas police officials were seen convincing the IPFT Tiprasa leaders to withdraw the strike and later detained all the agitators. On the other side, a joint movement committee has called for strike in an indefinite time in the state unless CAB is dismissed totally. On being asked by media, IPFT leaders said that there is no link of IPFT with the rest of the regional parties and IPFT’s 12 hours strike to be conducted till 6 pm which started from 6 am today.

On the other side, Tiprasa leaders in the BJP party today has cleared their stands on Citizenship Amendment Bill. MLA Rampada Jamatia has opposed CAB whereas MP Rebati Tripura asked indigenous people and leaders to talk to the Govt instead of creating Strike like disruptions and indiscipline in the state.  Click TIWN YouTube link to see IPFT's protest today in Tripura

The MP said, first of all, Tripura’s all political parties didn’t attend the meeting with Union Home Minister Amit Shah but those who met, Amit Shah told them not to do any such thing which will cause economic problems to the state. On November 30, 2019 Union home minister Amit Shah has assured political parties and regional groups that the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB) will not be implemented in the Northeast, various media had reported the same on that time, but now, BJP Govt is just rushing at the opposite direction of their promise, whereas Himanta Biswa Sarma, Assam Minister said that NRC and CAB are combo package for Assam. Ahead of the indefinite strike called by various regional parties, Tripura MP Rebati Tripura has delivered a message to the regional parties and the opposition parties to withdraw any such decision which may affect the economic situation of the state. He condemned the indefinite strike programme totally, called by regional parties.

“The regional parties also know that such Indefinite-strikes, 12 hours strike--- these are not good for the state in anyway but still they are doing this out of politics. They must discuss issues with the Govt but should not create any problems for the common men”, said MP Rebati Tripura.

“From the 70 years of Independence, Govt of India did not make any such rule which would detect the foreigners. Neither there was anything which would sort out what to do with the caught foreigners who entered illegally in India”, added Reabti Tripura.MP Rebati Tripura further said, “All rules are for the people and without people nothing is done by the Govt. All the Govt does, is for the welfare of the people”.  Click TIWN YouTube Link to listen Rebati Tripura's full statement


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