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Police not giving permission to CPI-M’s rally for December 10
TIWN Dec 8, 2019
Police not giving permission to CPI-M’s rally for December 10
PHOTO : CPI-M's rally in Agartala. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Dec 8 (TIWM): Under the BJP Govt, almost all opposition party led rallied remained unpermitted in the capital city Agartala and this time nothing exceptional.

On December 10, CPI-M to hoist protest demanding MGNREGA wage hikes and other rights. But so far police didn’t give permission.

Opposition CPI-M has demanded a Rs. 600 MGNREGA wage in Tripura followed by CPI-M Govt run Kerala’s hiked wage at the same rate.

In a press conference, Khet Majoor union of the CPI-M has raised the demand here in Agartala.

The leaders also said that use of machines in MGNREGA should be strictly prohibited as it will cause direct affect to the mandays.

CPI-M further asked for pension scheme’s implementation at Rs. 3000 minimum once a person reaches at the age of 60, as after 60 years nobody can work like before and thus to save their livelihoods, Govt must start pensions.

250 days of works in MGNREGA and other projects were too demanded and also reminded various rules and guidelines under MGNREGA where a Govt is bound to give mandays to the people.

On 10 December there will be a rally in this regard District wise. CPI-M has called MGNREGA workers to join in the movement.

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