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‘Why Badal Chowdhury is kept in Jail when nothing exists ?’ Lawyers blast Tripura’s biased system
TIWN Dec 4, 2019
‘Why Badal Chowdhury is kept in Jail when nothing exists ?’ Lawyers blast Tripura’s biased system
PHOTO : Left : Former PWD Minister Badal Chowdhury, Right : Advocate Arindam Bhattacharjee, Raghunath Mukharje talking to media. TIWN Pics Dec 4, 2019

AGARTALA, Dec 4 (TIWN): Today on behalf of former CPI-M Minister Badal Chowdhury, advocates have filed a fresh bail petition in Special Court and sought Badal Chowdhury’s bail.

Addressing  media, Advocate Arindam Bhattacharjee said, “We have appealed for bail for Badal Chowdhury and told the court that till now 45 days have passed that Badal Choudhury is in the custody. Chowdhury was in Police custody too and then he was interrogated in the jail also but since then no appeal for more interrogation was done on behalf of investigation agency. If this is the situation there is no point of keeping Badal Chowdhury in jail. There is absolutely no reason to keep Badal Chowdhury in jail”.

“Just because of an allegation, a person can not be kept in the jail. If anyone is kept in the jail, there should be a particular reason for that. This point was raised by Supreme Court today also. There is no prayer from police on yesterday neither even today. So what is the reason to keep him in jail?”, he said.

The advocate further told media that Badal Chowdhury was to go to AIIMS on 14th October but as FIR was lodged on 13th October so he had to cancel that ticket and then he appealed for bail although it was rejected.

Arindam Bhattacharjee further stated that the condition of Badal Chowdhury’s health is not like other people. With these problems he has to go to AIIMS regularly and with all these bail plea was done, although the judgment yet to come. 

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